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Thread: Menus are greyed out

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    Menus are greyed out

    Hi all,

    I had an interesting situation earlier today. I opened my model from the C4R platform and all seemed fine.
    I activated the mange tab to review warnings however once I clicked on the manage tab, all of the menus became greyed out and inactive.
    I could navigate through the project browser and change views, I just could not use any of the menu items, inlcluding Sync.

    It only seems to be in this one file and it only seems to be me having the issue. Has anyone come across this before?

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    It sounds similar to something I've encountered (and is persistent) I have to click in the model window AFTER selecting something in the project browser BEFORE I can select something on the ribbon.

    I reported to Autodesk, they couldn't duplicate and couldn't find a solution. I had my computer wiped and reinstalled everything (for another reason) and the issue persists.

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