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Thread: Remote Revit Servers (locals) not calling home to Central - intermittent problem

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    Question Remote Revit Servers (locals) not calling home to Central - intermittent problem

    I have a 3 site setup using Revit Server 2012... 1 Central, 2 Locals (obviously).

    From time to time, with zero consistency, users at the remote sites are unable to sync, save or open models. They call me and I merely log into their Local's web admin page, which forces it to call home, and all is working again.

    The only things I have found to try so far is disabling TCP and IP Offset on the servers' network connections. That didn't seem to help much. Like I said, though, the problem is not consistent. Sometimes this happens multiple times in one day. Sometimes things will purr along smoothly for a week with no communications problems.

    All other internet and VPN traffic is unaffected.

    I've even tried capturing and reviewing some traffic logs via WireShark, but other than the TCP/IP Offset thing, the logs tell me next to nothing... with regard to a problem anyway.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Btw, I'm also running 2013 on this same setup (same servers), but since no one is using it with any significance yet, I have no idea if it is suffering the same problem.

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    Try clearing the Local Servers' Project Cache. We have seen this get pretty large ( 6-10 GB ) and clearing it, then re-booting the local servers seemed to help.
    Just a thought......

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    Also try clearing the DNS cache.

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