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Thread: Grids shown on different levels tip

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    Grids shown on different levels tip

    hi guys,

    just a tip for the newbies...
    when we start a project basically we need the grid lines or grids.
    usually we do the 'grids' on a single level and have it shown on other levels. but sometimes we encounter that the entire grids don't appear in the other levels, what I usually do is make a section, check if the vertical or horizontal(level/elevation) grids are intersecting...if not then do the stretching on the grids to make it intersect or cross other grids...
    hope this will be a good help to the newbies...not those on experts...

    happy reviting...

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    thanks..! I was just looking for it

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    This is a good tip jaypro, one thing not immediately understood by many people new to revit is how to control extents for grids & elevations.

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    Best to use a "scope box" to control all your datums (levels, Grids, Overall Elevations/sections/Plans) Create a scope box that encompasses the extent of your model - give a useful name. Then select all your datums and in their instance properties set their scope box to use this. You can associate views with your scope box as well. This is great for extending the size of your building as a lot of things can get updated automatically.

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    remember though that there is a difference between 2D and 3D view. If you select a Grid (or a Level for that matter), both sides will show a small text in blue reading "2D" or "3D". Clicking it toggles the value between the two. If you toggle it to 2D it will only change the extents IN THIS VIEW. Toggling it to 3D changes the extents IN THE ENTIRE MODEL.

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