I have a question and would like to know if i can do anything without use global parameter.
I work with Revit 2019 (structure).
I create a detail family for a lot of typical detail use in all project. The problem is a have to use this details family in french, english, imperial and metric.
I create 1 family with symbols inside linked with a yes / no shared parameter visibility. one in french and other with english.
I believed if i put the shared parameter in project information will link all my family. Just have to put my family inside the project and will control the parameter with the project information for all my visibilty shared parameter but that not working.
The only way i found is use global parameter but when i load a new detail family in my project I have to link the parameter with the global parameter.
Anyone have a idea how can link Shared parameter of the family with project information?

Thank you.