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Thread: atan entered as a fraction value i Revit

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    atan entered as a fraction value i Revit

    I don't know if this is common knowledge, but........-Did y'all know that you can enter an atan value as is in a slope parameter?

    I need my roof to have a slope of 5%, or 1/20.
    The correct value in degrees is 2,86º, but i don't need to calculate it, i can just enter this formula:
    -and Revit will calculate the inverse tangens of that fraction!
    Works with decimal frations as well, in this case "=0.05" OR just plan =5%

    atan entered as a fraction value i Revit-2019-05-16_1714.png

    Really nifty, if you ask me.
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    You can type in any formula that you want as long as you type in the = first. I created a fun little calculator (keys don't work...just type = and your equation when someone complained that Revit doesn't have a calculator.
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