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Thread: Lynda Linked in Learning Suggestions?

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    Lynda Linked in Learning Suggestions?


    I recently subscribed to Lynda's Revit learning tutorials. There are many courses and options out there. So far I have found much appreciation for Paul Aubin's courses. Are there any others anyone would recommend?

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    Pick a category and watch away. Eric Wing and Brian Meyers have quite a few on there too.

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    Brian Myers has just done a series on Enscape, haven't watched it yet though.

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    A very good resource. I have a list i get students to watch before i even start revit with them. Gets them familiar with the interface early.

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    I have been encouraging folks here to watch Lynda for years, don't think many have though. Last month I proposed to management that we get a company license. There is a 10 seat minimum for a corporate license @ the same cost as individual which is $325/year/seat and a 1 year contract. Also you can't share the license with other people, it is assigned to an individual. At 25 seats the price comes to $285/year /seat.

    The corporate account does have an Administrator who can view the usage and assign lessons.

    We decided not to go in that direction so I may start expensing my subscription. I don't mind paying it myself as there are many un-work related movies to justify the cost.

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