a short one that could help some of you, not really a trick but more a worflow....

The scene: you work in your project, and decide to edit that Family. You work a lot on it, then you want to keep it saved, so you could save it with a new name like: "awesome_family_v1a", the previous one was "awesome_family_v1". (so you can track improvements).

Usually, I send it back with "load in the project", my mistake ; cause I have to replace every "AF_v1" by the "AF_v1a", and dimensions, anno, etc may disappear.

So, the smart way (IMHO) is to FIRST rename the family in the project browser as "awesome_family_v1a", and AFTER only load it in the project. Replace parameters or not, works like a charm, at least for me .

Hope it helps.