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Thread: Building a Revit Template

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPwuzhere View Post
    I've got some bad news for won't be your last.
    I'll second that thought.
    I haven't rebuilt from scratch for a long time, but we are constantly tweaking ours.
    We keep a Legend View to track all the changes.
    Here's ours. Each column is a year.
    Building a Revit Template-template-change-history.png

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    My Change Log is super short again, after having rebuilt last year. =)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Building a Revit Template-2017-07-14_10-35-46-changelog.png  

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    Quote Originally Posted by xsiccox
    ...Have you tried to batch upgrade every single family and then drag and drop all of them into upgraded template? I am just wondering, if it could produce problems...
    Drag and Drop (D&D) is ineffective and ill advised if the families use a Type Catalog (TC). The TC does not open and only the default type in the family is altered.

    If the TC is doing its job the default family is probably not being used either. The default type in families I make, that use a TC, are called "This Family uses a Type Catalog". At a glance in the Project Browser I can see that someone has loaded a family without its TC.

    That means using D&D on a library of families at one time had better be segregated so you know which use a TC and which don't. I stopped using D&D on families entirely for this reason. I never know if a TC is involved for certain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MPwuzhere View Post
    I've got some bad news for won't be your last. Unless you decide to stay with one version of Revit, something is going to get changed that messes up your Ultimate Template. This isn't a bad thing, as some changes were for the good and changing the template was necessary to take advantage of it.
    Yeah, sure the work on a template is never done. What i meant is, building template from scratch. What I am trying to do right now is to create pure and clean template without any mess that came from OOTB stuff and get control what is there. I to have a template only with stuff, which i know, where they came from and i wanted them there. Even at a cost of really sloooooow progress with this. On a project we can use families, which were modeled and used before, but over time, i hope that i will managed to create really solid basic stone to start new projects. Right now, we don't have any BIM Guides or some rules in our firm. I was hired to teach them BIM and Revit and i have a space to teach them it right Till now in every firm i have worked, my role ends up only as a handyman and savior of the messy models...So i believe, that i saw enough mistakes to avoid (and as i know, that there is no end in developing templates, i also know, that i will be always surprised of existing much better ways of doing things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post
    I dont remember the thread, where Andre C (i believe?) put the idea out there for the "Linked Communication File in the home view," but i am freaking loving it today. After finalizing the changes to our door library, i wanted to send a note to all project teams that are currently underway with the wrong doors. So i went and edited the "Communication File" and everyones Home View (in 2015) updated today:
    Hey Aaron

    I made an account to post this! Thanks so much for the writeup, even years later, it's still it's a great guide.

    I'm curious how you're managing something in this photo. The families to the right, which update the title block.. What's your process for doing this? do you update the block and then reinsert it into both the project and the title block family when you want to put the stamp or a picture in? then again to say take the stamp out?


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