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I am just glad that i am not the only one who has a problem w cloud hosted content.
Well, to be clear: I dont have an issue with the concept of "cloud hosted content," i have an issue with "my content hosted in someone else's cloud."

If we end up having to build one in the future, i want to make sure it can hook in to content stored in a number of different places, because where content is stored should be a companies decision, not a platform providers. Local storage, server storage, online storage, re-pathable storage, multi-path storage (like DFSR), should all be accommodated.

It also makes me sad that ALL of the vendors (including Autodesk) are drastically overthinking what a Content Presentation platform needs to be. Everyone is afraid of not staying relevant, which is stupid. Make it do this ONE THING really well, and dont worry about needing to stay relevant. You can always make another app, for that.