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Thread: Enscape (Holy Freaking Crap)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post
    Real decent VDI
    How would I know if what they're implementing is decent/good/amazing VDI? They're still testing, tweaking, etc. but so far I'm not loving graphic response (and I haven't even installed Enscape yet). Just moving a windows dialog box around the screen feels like I'm on dialup or something. Far worse than using RDP on the same WAN.

    All I know about our system right now is I had to install the VMWare Horizon Client and connect to a server and login with my normal credentials. I was told this VM has 2gb video memory. Beyond that I don't know the details of the system. What would I need to ask to understand how we're implementing it?

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    VMWare Horizon client is the software client for accessing it. Thats the program you use if you arent getting a hardware client, like a Zero Client or a Thin CLient. Both hardware versions perform better.

    Im certainly not an expert at tweaking the VDI implementation itself, in terms of configuring the hypervisor, and what settings need to be changed to make graphical response and lag better. But yeah, welcome to the game. Lots of people can throw the hardware together. Making it run well is another story.

    If its worse than RDP, they dont have it setup well, lol.

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    We just released a new alpha version. You'll find it at the bottom of the download page. It includes the often-requested improvement of indirect lighting, reflections and grass rendering. We're happy to hear your feedback regarding stability and your visual opinion! Please send it to us via email to support at, so that we do not overload this thread. Thank you
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