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Thread: Work plane switch by hot keys

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    Work plane switch by hot keys

    It would be really great to have an API script set the work plane via shortcut keys.
    For example, while working in a 3D view, have 4 work planes named 1,2,3 representing North/South Elev, East/West Elev, and Plan view work planes. That way, you can easily switch to these using shortcut keys instead of having to pick planes each time, or going back and forth between plan/elev views when drawing piping isometrics for example.

    I would be willing to make this script but I haven't been able to locate the command that sets the active work plane (by name) in the SDK documentation files.. any help?

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    Hi Luke,

    Cool idea. I've put together an example showing how this can work at:

    Setting a view’s work plane with keyboard shortcuts | Boost Your BIM - making Revit even better

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    Wow, that's fantastic! For some reason didn't notify me of your reply, and I was actually googling bim/revit videos and came across your blog before even knowing about this post, and watched that video and was like HEY THATS MY USERHANDLE, haha.

    How did you get the API to do that, it's all worded weirdly to me, for example is a sketchplane the command we need to script with for the work plane, or is activeplane, or newplane, setplane, etc. or what?

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    Did you ever get any further with this Luke? I've got no idea how he created those shortcuts and feel like the video is missing that part.....

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