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Thread: Revit Advance (DWG) as a workflow

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    Revit Advance (DWG) as a workflow

    This caught my suprise today. Intressting times ahead..
    Seems like Autodesk is Not/Yet/ Still promoting Revit and DWG a 'workflow' (hate the word)
    Maybe it's me but sometimes some (BIM).. hate the word.. software policies seem so schizofrenic.
    Why not just use and develop on IFC ?

    ..Anyway, merry christmas to all you civil Revit users out there!

    The AEC Collection now includes Advance Steel, giving you easy access to tools for #Revit & Advance Steel workflows. See how easily the Advance Steel Extension for Revit exports 3D models into Advance Steel, then let your steel detailer continue fabrication detailing.

    Advance Steel is 3D modeling software for steel detailing built on the AutoCAD platform. Structural engineering professionals use the software to help accelerate design, steel detailing, steel fabrication, and steel construction.
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    Advance Steel (and now dead Advance Concrete) has a plugin for Revit to push your design between both programs.
    They won't bother with IFC exchange because money, time and low demand for that functionality.

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