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Thread: Graphical Column Schedule Location Callouts

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    Graphical Column Schedule Location Callouts

    I have created a graphical column schedule and have an issue with a Steel column and concrete pier under it not being shown in the same location. The location of the column & pier is off grid, with the callout for the Steel Column as C(-0'-10")-1(-6'-11") and the callout of the pier as C-1(-6'-11"). It seems that, since the pier is crossing Grid C, Revit is automatically calling it out as on grid C, despite the fact that it is centered under the steel column, 10" from Grid C. The Column Location Constraint in the Element properties box is greyed out so I cannot manually adjust it. Does anyone know of any way to get both the column and the pier under the same callout?



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    I see that Revit does not provide an option for the user to specify when the column location mark parameter should determine that a column is offset from a grid line or not. Revit assumes that if the geometry of the column family intersects the grid, the column location is at the grid, which is not exactly true. In my opinion, the user should have the option to turn this behavior on and off, and/or the option to configure a minimum distance. In your example, Revit provides information about the offset for the steel column because that column is not intersecting the grid, but it does not display any offset for the concrete pier, because the pier is intersecting the grid, therefore, the graphical column schedule shows the steel column in one place, with info about the offset, and the pier column in another place, at the grid, with no info about offset; this is incorrect because the axes of the two columns are actually aligned and should be displayed together, one on top of the other, in the schedule.

    Since I don’t see a way to stop that default behavior, here I propose 2 solutions:

    Solution 1) Add a reference plane, as weak reference, to the side of the steel column where you need the offset; label that distance with an instance shared parameter, such as "offset_right". Set that value to be the distance from the column's vertical axis to the grid. In your example, it is 10 inches. Once in the project, this will make the two column families, steel and concrete, intersect the grid when the offset is 10 inches, making the two elements appear together in the graphical column schedule, as they should. To document the offset, you can create a label that reads the shared parameter; then, either add that label to the existing column tag, or create an additional tag that just reads that parameter. If necessary, you could include the same shared parameter in the concrete column, as well.

    Solution 2) Create new grid lines, such as 1.1 and C.1, and place both columns at the intersection of the new grids. This will require an additional pair of grids for every pair of steel column and pier that are offset from the grids. Maybe not desirable if this condition happens very often.

    With either one of the two solutions, the graphical column schedule will display the two columns correctly, and the offset will be documented. You need to choose which one of the two methods works better for your project.
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    Thanks for the info. It was very helpful.

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