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Thread: Mass concrete - varying shapes

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    Mass concrete - varying shapes

    I am looking to raise the level of some existing concrete stairs, changing both the rise and tread. There will be a number of varying shaped masses of concrete to accomplish this, the only way I know of so far (Im new to Revit) is to draw the concrete to each rise as a separate slab and then join them at the end but this would take time. It would seem simplest to be able to draw the shape on a section through the stairs and then extrude it by the width of the existing stairs, but is this even possible?

    Maybe there is another way to accomplish this?

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    There are several ways:
    1. Model In-Place - is the easiest, but there are problems with reinforcement and copying, the handles are visible, and you can accidentally move them. I do not recommend.
    2. Simple family: create a form in the project, copy to the family, upload to the project. It is a bit more complicated, but no problems of the 1st method.
    3. Sloped Floor and treads family (face based) + Parts (optional). It is relatively difficult to model, but you will have an analytical model.
    4. Parametric run family - difficult to create, in my opinion easier ways 2 or 3.
    5. Dynamo?


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    Model in place would be my recommendation (In place component)

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    You could use a floor with Variable thickness, set min. thickness in the type, check the box for variable, then use modify sub elements to make it thicker as needed for each tread. But if its a concrete stair it is required by code to have the same riser height so I would use the stair tool and set the structural thickness to the height of the overall stair and then it will be a thick concrete stair.

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