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Thread: Multi-Area Model Organization for Quantity Takeoffs.

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    Multi-Area Model Organization for Quantity Takeoffs.

    We're working on a new industrial project which includes the main manufacturing structure with a smaller shipping area and a storage area.
    These three "areas" are all connected, in that there are no walls between them.

    And so we made them all one Revit model.

    Now we're being asked to split up our initial quantity estimates by the three areas.

    What is the best way to split up the quantities for these three areas that are within the same .rvt?
    Do we need to make them three separate models? Or make them into separate Phases?

    We wanted to keep them in one model, because the two smaller areas are quite small, and there will be a number of details shared among all three. Additionally, we are not splitting up our drawings for the three buildings, instead treating it as one structure.

    I had thought maybe by workset, however it doesn't give that as a schedule filter option...

    How do you tackle sorting a project's schedules by area?


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    Add a project parameter in a text field. Apply parameter to the three areas. Filter by that parameter.

    Don't forget to charge hourly for doing something so completely unnecessary

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