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Thread: IFC File, structural steel problem

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    IFC File, structural steel problem

    I'm trying to see where my HVAC ductwork lines up with the steel beams running along the ceiling and I imported an IFC file that has the steel joists in it but the joists are about 80 feet above the building and not lined up correctly when looking from above. Picture of problem is attached. I guess I need a new way to import the IFC file or a way to align it once its in my file. Another problem is I cant click on the steel joists, so I need to turn something on i guess. I'm pretty new to revit so dont even know enough about it to trouble shoot. Please help!
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    Importing an IFC creates another RVT file behind the scenes, so you can do everything with an "IFC" link that you can do with a Revit link:

    -To align the IFC model, just use the move commands and snaps. If your IFC has levels and grids, that makes it easier. To align things vertically, I would go to an elevation or section view.
    -If you want to select the joist, just the tab key as you hover over the linked geometry to select the sub-pieces of the linked model. Note that the geometry imported by IFC are not Revit families, but model geometry that is as accurate to the IFC as possible. Therefore, the joists will not have "Revit beam" parameters, but will have IFC parameters attached to them, and you can see those in the properties dialog.


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