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Thread: Shear Wall Modeling/Schedules

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    Shear Wall Modeling/Schedules

    I worked in a design development phase of a project, now we have moved the project to a construction set. I now have a shear wall design for my building. I modeled all walls as a "bearing type" because I didnt have a shear wall design/layout yet. Now, that I have a shear wall design I had to go back and edit the designated walls. This caused a lot of problems and I basically had to remodel the walls because I had to split my walls up and change the types. The other problem I ran into was the schedule... the details like sheathing, the hold down anchor bolt diameters are not associated with my walls so I had to cheat and make a fake schedule.

    I have searched for shear wall modeling tips or how to's but I have not found much info. What is the best practice for modeling and creating shear walls?

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    Shared parameters will go a long way for schedules. You can also use the shared parameters to control visibility or apply a different hatch pattern (for example) in a view via filters.
    As far as the anchors go (assuming you mean the rock anchors?) you would have to model these seperately, the main problem being that walls are system families and you can not add anything to them so you will need to create (wall) face based families with a controllable angle on it, then simply use your Mark/ID values of each instance to report in a schedule and also for tagging.

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