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Thread: slab on the pheripheral beam

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    slab on the pheripheral beam

    Hello to everyone,

    I am doing my first project on revit, and I was woundering where can I put the lines that limit the geometry of the slab. In s ituation that I have two slabs in which one of their lines intersect, I draw the lines througth the middle of the element in which they are, beams... But in a situation like this... more precisely, a case where aI have a beam that goes throught a beam that is alligned peripherally, I think that the best way is to model this elemnt through th exterior face of the beam, Am I correct? I want to know about this because I would like to have a model that can be used to structural analysis. To better understanding of what I am talking I am uploading a photo that represent this type of situation.

    Best regards
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    Think of the boundary that the builders need to define at the construction site to pour this slab. "Model it as you build it".

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