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Thread: Plastering for structural columns and beams

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    Plastering for structural columns and beams

    Hi Everyone,

    I am facing a problem in applying plastering to columns, beams and lintels. Using a plugin named "skirting board" i was able to overcome plastering issue for columns, But still failed to apply the same for beams. PFA image for better understanding. I would be glad if anyone can suggest me a way to apply and calculate plaster for structual elements.

    Thanks in Advance
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Plastering for structural columns and beams-plaster-issue.png  

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    Welcome to Revitforum. Late reply but better late than never.

    This is difficult. If you model the plaster, that is very time consuming and tedious. If you paint faces of beams that would be faster and accurate. But you won't see the plaster as an object with thickness in your sections, but you could indicate that in details. I would paint faces and then use a material take-off schedule to get quantities.

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