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Thread: Do you use the new built-in structural detailing?

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    Do you use the new built-in structural detailing?

    I see it is even more advanced in Revit 2019, with sketching plates in place and "smart" welds.

    I have only casually gone through it, and it seems like the old way of doing things with parametric face-based families seems to be easier for me, for both throwing in a simple plate or complex connections. It seems to be easier to schedule as well. The exception I think would be if I needed to do large amounts of typical connections like double angles on all beams for graphical purposes, or standard flange plate moment connections. But these types of connections I am rarely modeling, it is always the more unusual stuff.

    What do you think, do you use it? Should I spend more time with it?

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    We used Structural Steel Connections on one of the project and I can give a list of the problems challenges we faced. Hope this helps you decide whether to use it or not.

    Steel Connection = SC
    Standard Steel Connection = SSC
    Custom Steel Connection = CSC
    Steel Connection Modifier = SCM
    Autodesk Advance Steel = AS
    Steel Fabrication Shapes = SFS
    Structural Framing = SF or beam

    • Easy to create plates, bolts, holes.
    • Easy to trim beams or columns.

    • Parameters cannot be controlled via Dynamo.
    • You cannot retrieve the amount of steel through a schedule, Dynamo or Revit DB. Only by programming or exporting to Advance Steel.
    • SC are not supported by structural analysis programs, only through Advance Steel.
    • However, Advance Steel’s exports are very limited.
    • Using the mirror command is not recommended because mirrored bolts are not exported correctly to the AS.
    • You cannot create Groups from SC or its components.

    Steel Fabrication Shapes:
    Steel Modifiers convert regular beams to Steel Fabrication Shapes, which are similar to beams and are in the same category, but these are different objects with some drawbacks:
    • SFS do not support the subcategories of SF, despite the fact that the subcategory can be assigned.
    • Symbolic lines in the family are not trimmed and they have to be hidden or deleted.
    • Incorrect material volume calculated.
    • You cannot convert SFS back to the usual beam.
    • Usual beam joins like miter will be deleted. That is if you connect the beams in the usual way and start making SCs, all joins are reset.
    • There are problems with the display of some sections like SHS-Square Hollow Section - edges sometimes disappear.
    • SFS have their own symbolic lines that do not turn off or hide, because belong to the main category.
    • SFS are not displayed on the views if only the part elongated by the modifier gets into the cutting plane.
    • When displaying, a category material is used, regardless of the material assigned.
    • Non-standard sections or those containing several profiles, for example, double channel beams, are not supported.
    • Mirror command not working with non-symmetrical SFS.

    Standard Steel Connections:
    • Despite the relatively large number of ready-made SSC, they are often not suitable and have to make their own (in our case).
    • There is no SSC types and all parameters are instance parameters. For the created SSC it is necessary to set the parameters again.
    • You cannot change the settings for all selected SSC at once.

    Custom Steel Connections:
    • Critical! CSC and SSC are considered to be visible by Revit, even if they are outside the view range. Therefore, if you do not turn off the category, then all viewports become large for no apparent reason! This also happens in linked models.
    • You cannot create a CSC if more than three elements are connected, for example, a column and four beams. You will have to do two separate connections or not create at all.
    • CSC are not parametric. E.g. you cannot constrain plates to beams.

    Steel profiles:
    • You can include a beam in a SC as part of a SC. The beams are converted into a profile that displays no section parameters and no data can be extracted.

    • It is simply a designation of the welding place and it is impossible to extract the amount of materials or use it as a graphic symbol for detail view (according to our design standard).

    Bolts and Anchors:
    • You cannot load custom bolts and anchors.

    PS: In the end we decided to explode all the connections.
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    Also SC are not exported to IFC and A360

    You cannot select steel elements in connections items using schedule.
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    Filters don't work with SC subelements

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