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Thread: Join geometry

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    Yeah but revit deletes the whole thing, not just the mullions. Have you tried this on a curved wall ?

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    The problem is, that you modeled it as several wall pieces.

    Try instead, "create insitu" classify your new object as "wall" and in plan, trace your extrusion as one continuous piece.

    You can make it as a sweep, or an extrusion by path, or just a plain old extrusion, you will find if you model it rather than use the OOTB families to do the job, you will get a smoother finish.

    That all said, this line should not appear in a render, if there is a line present in the render, then you have a slight offset between your walls even 0.001 of a mm will make revit draw a line there.

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    I see this happen when the joining members don't share the same phasing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorati22 View Post
    hello fellow Revit users

    once upon a time when I used the join geometry tool ( same material ) I got a clean shape however now I get a thin line showing where the geometry was joined. ( please see pic)

    what exactly controls this thin line in OBJECY STYLE?
    how can I get rid of it without using the invisible line work tool?
    please help
    You can get rid of the line in sections without making the two elements the same material...

    Under visibility setting hide the following
    Wall > Common Edges
    Wall > Hidden Lines
    Wall > Wall Sweep - Cornice

    Floor > Common Edges
    Floor > Hidden Lines
    Floor > Interior Slab Edges
    Floor > Slab Edges

    This makes life much easier if you are trying to a section with White Fills and Black Lines at 1:200 / 1:250 / 1:500

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