I have a project with two exterior structural wall types, steel studs with a brick facing and CMU block with a brick facing. The brick, insulation, and air gap layers for both either extends down 8" to a brick ledge on the footing or they are extended up to just above the roof level in a couple areas where I have them as an interior wall creating a parapet height change above the roof plane.

I am copy and monitoring them over to my structural model with no issues. The problem is when I go to attach a grade beam to them in the structural model.

If the offset direction is up from finished floor, and more than the thickness of the grade beam, two grade beams are created. One it attached to the base of the wall where it should be, then the other is attached to the base of the offset layers at whatever elevation it is at. So I have grade beams 14' off finished floor up under my joists!!

Is there any way around this or a possible fix? I am on 2015 and this is very frustrating as I have several walls like this and DO NOT want to have to go in and swap out these walls with stacked walls. I don't like stacked wall due to wall joins and other issues.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.