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Thread: Gusset Plates in Live Brace Elevations

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    Gusset Plates in Live Brace Elevations

    What would everyone recommend for making gussets in live brace elevations? The issue with DC and MR/FR is that you cannot adjust the order relative to modeled elements. I feel that creating a gusset family would be very difficult because of all of the differences that can happen between them all.

    So the way I have people doing them is to create the gussets in place as an in-place family. I know and agree that we should be limited on in-place families, but I am not sure if I see another method for these....


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    In-place families would work, but also just basic FB extrusion families work just as well. Hopefully you make your frame bays similar if not identical. If not.

    I have also pioneered the attached family. Of course you would need to make your own family based on the math for your gusset design, but the proof in the theory works well. Ive used this single family on several projects. I also have one for the center of beam.

    You will still no matter what you do need to have details drawn though.
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