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Thread: Beam Wall End Cutback

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    Beam Wall End Cutback

    I am trying to figure out why a beam that frames into the end of a wall doesn't cutback properly. The top of wall and top of beam align. Beams that frame into the side of a wall cutback right. So why doesn't it work for the end of the wall. Any thoughts. see attached.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Beam Wall End Cutback-beam-wall-cutback.png  

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    hi, it may deal with the detection of reference planes for walls faces, and it is not here at the end. try to play a little with a ref. plane perpendicular to wall faces so that the beam cutback.

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    My understanding is that that is a bug that the factory is aware of, but is not severe enough to warrant any action at this time.

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    Definatly a bug, it only happens if you beam is parallel with the walls analytical plane, if you are at a slight angle you will get a cutback

    Beam Wall End Cutback-beam-cutback.png

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