Thanks Karalon,

Coming from Europe and working here in Australia I know what you are talking about. We used an excel spreadsheet where we filled out the reinforcement to schedule all the bars – it was a pain in a##.
When starting to work here in Australia and not have to deal with reinf scheduling was a blessing….

Maybe it is old school here in Australia but I have not met a builder that does not want a proper Reinforcement Layout showing proper cogs at steps etc.

Will have think about it. The engineers here mostly use Ram or Rapt to design their slabs and mark up reinforcement on a plan. I know this is a process that can be streamlined.
With RAM concept you can get reinforcement from the Analytical program into Revit via their ISM link. To make this efficient the engineers have to lay out/model the reinforcement accurately in the analytical program to minimise changes required in Revit. This will be an issue as engineers often tidy up the layout produced by RAM when doing the hand markups.

It might be that we have to start producing reinforcement schedules here in Australia to as reinforcement manufacturers currently doing the scheduling for ‘free’ and I have heard they are not happy as it minimise their margins.