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Thread: scissor truss with flexible overhang

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    scissor truss with flexible overhang

    Hello All,

    I have a project that is using a scissor truss and the tech who created the project just used an OTF truss family. the arch wants the scissor truss to show as the shop drawings. I have created a custom scissor truss (see attached-family is in revit 2018) and everything seems to flex ok with the exception of the following.

    1. for the overhang: i am not sure how to get the top chord to be flexible meaning the roof will have some jogs but the slope obviously needs to stay the same.
    2. as you will see on the right side i have two vertical web members, if i adjust the width of the truss or overall height, the horiz position will follow the reference planes but the either the top or the bottom of the vert web member will not stay joined where the diagonals meet. i tried locking but that didn't seem to work.

    so i am a little stumped. I wanted to create a flexible family as I was told we will have about 3 more projects similar to this one and the arch wants to show the truss es when IFC are issued.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I recommend that you first use Reference Lines, and then add the truss elements and constrain them to the RL frame.
    See the attachment, the numbers indicate the order of creation.
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