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Thread: Rebar shape parameters

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    Rebar shape parameters

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having trouble creating an extra parameter in a rebar shape family.
    I can only add parameters a to g but I need to ad just one more variable (h).
    Can anyone tell me how to do that ?
    Or is the rebar shape limited from a to g ?

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    I do not want to add new thread so I reply to this one.

    I have rebar family as you can see on picures. I wanted to add parameter "X" which correspond to spacing between short ends. Everything goes well, changes implemented, but.... on drawing this dimension is clearly shown as 432 mm, but parameter X equals 490,5, WHY? I have totally no idea, why... Parameter X is shared parameter and described as "reinforcement length".
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rebar shape parameters-image_2019_03_14t11_06_52_564z.png   Rebar shape parameters-image_2019_03_14t11_07_21_436z.png   Rebar shape parameters-image_2019_03_14t11_07_53_940z.png  

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    I think this case should be sent to Autodesk.

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