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Thread: Span Direction Symbol

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    Span Direction Symbol

    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to create custom look Span Direction Symbol. I took revit family and changed it the way I need it to look. everything works ( Change size), except for the black fill (filled region) for arrows. Can you help me to make them move? Or give me directions please how can I create my own from the scratch. Thank you!

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    going to need a picture of that to help u

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    If arrows are not moving, my guess is that you accidentally removed their constraints. Open the family and verify. You'll need to first go into VG for the view, and turn on all the Ref Lines, Planes and dimensions to show up in that view.

    The process to create is pretty much what you did. That is, open the generic OOTB family, rename it and modify it to your liking.

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