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Thread: Import an Excel Sheet into a Revit family

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    Import an Excel Sheet into a Revit family

    Hello all ,
    I am creating a floor based Revit family with several types. The client has provided us the information of each type in an Excel Sheet. One of the ways of representing the information is by the use of Shared parameters i.e create shared parameter & assign the required value to that parameter. This is a manual way of including information in a Revit family. Is there any way that I can import an Excel sheet with product information into Revit family and link it with shared parameters?
    In other words , is there any method that allows importing Product data into Revit family & link them with shared parameters ?
    Please share your thoughts about this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    In short, yes there are ways of doing it.
    You will need, however, an add in for linking revit with excel. (it costs about 90 dollars)
    It may also be parameters that you can "push" through your family using Dynamo, but I am not well versed in Dynamo so you would need to ask the dynamo specialists.

    The long answer, is that this is an advanced family creation procedure, and its really impossible to tell you how to do it for a few reasons
    1. I've never had to do it
    2. I don't have the excel add in
    3. It will be specifically customized to your specific family.

    But, before you go trying to reinvent the wheel, there are many existing products that work with an excel link (stud wall framing generators etc) so if its something a bit "standard" have a good look around see if there is a program that exists already. Even if it costs 250 bucks, you're saving money by buying it rather than trying to spend hours and hours recreating it.
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    Would it be feasible to create a type catalog from the supplied excel sheet?

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    Is it possible to make use of Macro manager in Revit family editor to import Excel sheet?

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    You can accomplish this with Lookup Tables. While there isn't a direct way to use the Excel spreadsheet as a lookup table, you can always convert it to a CSV to be used with your families.

    Edit: More specifically, you will need to create a Type Catalog:
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