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Thread: Structural columns and lookup tables

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    Structural columns and lookup tables

    Hi everyone

    I have been doing some structural columns and framing. I have made a type catalog so its easier to only import the columns I need for a certain project.
    The challenge is I dont know what is wrong with the attached file from UPN 240 and above sizes. Have anyone encountered similar problems or did I do something wrong in the type catalog.

    All files used to make these are attached.


    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Hi Jesper,

    It appears to be the fine level detail that breaks.
    I recommend re-building the family from scratch using sweeps and profiles.

    If you are attached to this family, start looking at the inside corner radius. See image below.
    Good luck. (Profile image on left is a simpler approach and reduces performance hits on the model with less curves)

    Structural columns and lookup tables-col_break.png


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