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Thread: Concrete beam acts weird

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    Concrete beam acts weird

    So, i've created a concrete beam, started from Generic model, line-based. Works nice, but its just this one thing i cant figure out; when i place the beam in my project, the work plane is 9/10 the bottom of a floor, but i want it to be a level.
    Weird thing is, when i load it into a new project, it connects just the way i want it....??? (see attached file).

    Any help would be nice!

    (Revit structure 2016)
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    just had a really quick look at this family.
    what you have created here is an upstand beam.
    it has a positive extrusion value (ie it extrudes vertically upward)

    If you open your family and go to an elevation.
    You can see that it places the BOTTOM FACE of the beam, on the level you are working on.
    If you want it to go the other way, you need the TOP FACE of the beam to be touching the reference plane, and the object should extrude downwards from that reference plane.

    Actually what you have done is fine for an upstand beam (save it and name it as such)

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