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Thread: 2D Lt Ga Stud - Parametric Array of Bracing Openings?

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    2D Lt Ga Stud - Parametric Array of Bracing Openings?

    I've been using this 2D lt ga stud family for a while. I'm now trying to add a parametric array of bracing openings that will automatically add in along the length as the detail item is drawn.

    I've gotten it to the point that the bracing openings will appear based on length and that the spacing can be controlled.

    Here's the trouble:
    If the stud is drawn shorter than about twice the "bracing opening spacing", revit says that it cannot be drawn. I know it has to do with how i worded my formulas (by including "length"?), but this has been driving me crazy for hours and i'm just not getting anywhere.

    I'm hoping that one of you who is more experienced than I in family creation point me to where I've gone wrong! I'd be grateful for any advice you can give.

    Thank you!
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    I haven't downloaded it, but I'm assuming you have an array in there for the bracing? If so, you have to do what I call the *single alt* setup:

    1. Place a single instance of brace
    2. Additionally, place the array.
    3. Constrain the single instance where it would go if there was only one brace.
    4. Set up a parameter *instancevis*
    5. Set up a parameter *arrayvis*
    6. Set up a parameter *array count*
    7. Set up a parameter *array count act*
    8. Use array count act in your array.
    9. Array count act formula: if (array count>1, array count,2)
    10. arrayvis=array count>1
    11. Instancevis=array count <2

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