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Thread: Door with Beam (lintel)

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    Door with Beam (lintel)

    I would like to create a family of doors with a beam (lintel) above the doors, but the beam height be constraints by the upper reference level. Already grateful for your help to guide me in this family.
    Thank you.

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    Hello again
    I found something very similar tried to talk to him, but did not get any response.
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    You can control the lintel height above floor and member height in the door family but as far as I know doors don't have a way to pull from a level other than their host in the same way a column or wall can.
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    Yeah have to agree you can't really manage what you are asking because the object you are hosting to has no real reference to the level above....
    actually just brainfarted on this right now, if you construct your walls from the level ABOVE (and use the place with a depth rather than a height functionality), you may be able to have your opening "push" from this level "above" but you would also need to redesign your opening family with this in mind.

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