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Thread: Bi-Fold Door Problem.

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    Question Bi-Fold Door Problem.

    Hey guys,

    I would like to know how to integrate bi-fold movement as in chancing the length so the angle moves with the length and is not still so it doesn't cross hatching in between each other.

    Bi-Fold Door Problem.-bi-fold-help.jpg

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    This is how I did one client, stripped down to show the parts you need. I believe I borrowed the procedure from somewhere else and improved upon it.

    Pay attention to the parameters in 'Constraints' to control the angle movement and the Panel Gap parameter in 'Dimensions' to control control spacing between the panels. The way I have it set now is to sit wider when open 90 degrees to get the appropriate clearance space necessary.
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    If you dont mind doing some trig, it gets much easier to set up.

    Video with the Bi fold panels moving based on a percentage:

    But there are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. The panels connect to each other on a different plane than the connect to the common point (the track), so the triangle you are forming isnt the simple one it appears to be. Because of that, its easier to think about it as a line across, with two ends on it, than as the "panels" being connected.

    2. You have to make it *jump* over the first few degrees. A bi-fold door opened 1-2% doesnt actually fit in its opening, because of the first issue.

    3. Youll need Reference Lines, and then its easier to make them the workplane of the item you are trying to host.
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