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Thread: Help making beam family from profile with multiple types

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    Help making beam family from profile with multiple types

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to create a new beam family with multiple types. I created a profile and persisted with constraints etc. until I was able to get the family to flex correctly for the several types created.

    Now, when I open up an existing structural framing family and replace the profile with my "new" profile, I don't see how I can enable the user to select any of the profiles I have created. Simply put, I am restricted to only selecting one profile for my new beam family and it looks like I am stuck with that and creating a nice flexible profile was a waste of time.... Am I missing something or have I gone about this the wrong way.

    Profile attached for reference.

    Regards Jake
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    You can't move between different profiles. But if the parameters in the profile are type properties, you can use different profile types in different places. And, you CAN tie the type properties from the profile to parameters in the families themselves.

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    Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for the reply. My apologies for not responding sooner - I have been out of town for work.

    If I understand correctly, I should try loading the profile then using parameters in the new beam family to adjust the type parameters in the original profile family? I guess I would only need one profile type in the profile family in order to do this, making the other types I created somewhat redundant?

    Many thanks,

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