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Thread: Void not cut in project

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    Void not cut in project

    I have a problem with my nested void family.
    When I upload family into my project the void family not cut the face (family nested).

    Can someone help?
    Attached the family and images.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Void not cut in project-problema-2.jpg   Void not cut in project-problema.jpg  
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    My numerous atempts at trying to cut an object in the project environment with a void that is part of a nested component have ended in failure. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks that this is the case.

    take a look at

    Although it would be nice to have everything modeled in 3D all the time, I have come to appreciate the benefits of 2D components.
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    Does the highlighted plate need to be it's own family for a reason?
    Void not cut in project-capture.png

    If it doesn't you can place a void face based family on that extrusion, then create an "unattached" void cut (one that doesn't cut anything) this second void cut is what will be used to cut the beam.

    Void not cut in project-capture2.png
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