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Thread: footing familes

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    footing familes

    i have made some footing families with base plates i tried to make them fit alot of conditions just wondering what people think of them

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    First of thx for sharing

    Looks ok, but not without room for improvement

    I have an aversion towards families with a "lot" of parameters. Even in my own I get a bit confused at times

    More and more I tend to have just the basic parameters available in the project environment (those that are changed most frequently), the rest of the parameters are available in the family environment for each nested component. So in essence if I want to change a parameter of a bolt > select the footing/component in the project > edit family > select component (bolt) > edit types button, and all parameters concerning that element (and only that element) are available. This saves me the trouble of sifting through other parameters in the project that could (and probably are) of no concern at that particular time.

    Having sad that, I'd like to acknowledge that there was no trouble with figuring out what your parameters are for.

    But still...

    I made a small change to the family, deleted the anchors, nuts, voids, and some parameters that define them. Nested shared component (anchor bolt) allowing the components to be tagged and scheduled, which is a HUGE + !
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