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Thread: Rotation and length problems witn family

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    Rotation and length problems witn family

    First post here so please be gentle with me, I am struggling to get a family created from
    a revolve to rotate and I also need to control the length of it up a maximum dimension.
    How do I do this and keep the void as well. I am being driven round the bend by this seemly simple process, with Revit coming up with loads messages staying it cant rotate
    this object to this position etc. I have attached the component - Please help! thanks
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    Welcome to the forum.

    A revolve is work-plane based, and its plane is the plane where you draw the sketch. Therefore, you could change its work-plane for another plane that is parallel to the original, such as the plane in a reference line that is parallel to the view where you created the sketch.

    I suggest you watch a video that I made some days ago explaining rotations (the first half of the video applies to rotations in generic families; the second part applies to rotations in adaptive families).

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