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Thread: Structure family - adding analytical properties

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    Question Structure family - adding analytical properties

    Hi everyone! : )
    I'm working on a structure where I need to add some "nodes" or connection elements between beams and columns. For the moment I desidgned the family you can see in the picture. When I turn the analytical view, I see that the created family doesn't display the analytical lines. From one side, I would like to know how can I add those lines in the family? Is it possible? : O
    From the other side, looking at the structural way of working, this element should connect both beams in a fixed way, and be pinned to the column (where the moments would not transmit through the structure to the columns). Where can I lear how to make this kind of connection elements? Do this elements exist in revit?
    (p.s. My aim is to prepare a good structure scheme to export to Robot structural analisys for dimensioning the whole structure.)

    Thanks beforehand for all your help!!
    Best regards,


    *sorry if there is a post with this... I didn't know how to search key words for such a specific questions...
    Structure family - adding analytical properties-captura.jpgStructure family - adding analytical properties-img_20150515_235156.jpg
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    Revit can show the analytical model of your structural members. Maybe you're not turning on and off the proper visibility graphics options? See illustration. (It also helps if you previously draw some reference planes, to help you model the structural members, making sure that the points are connected). In regards to the types of connection, check the properties of each column or beam. Revit offers different parameters, depending on the type of view (model or analytical) in regards to the connections. For example, model beams have options for Start Connection and End Connection. Analytical beams show Start Release and End Release. Revit will not create a model connection plate based on these parameters, but it will save the type of connection in the properties of the structural member, for annotation purposes, and for further analysis in another program.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Structure family - adding analytical properties-2015-05-16_11-03-07.jpg  
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    Hi Alfredo! Thanks for your answer! It helped me very much! I didn't know about the analytical mode options!
    I switched between visibility graphics, but never realized some parts in the ribbon and even in properties part were changing!
    Thanks again!!

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