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Thread: Analytical column

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    Analytical column

    hello guys, I just have one question ....
    Once I created the family of Pillar, from template "Structural Column Metric" how do I change the analytical part of the column with a square section?
    I tried searching on the net but could not find anything ....

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    It´s not clear what exactly you want to achieve. Are you referring to the analytical representation of a structural column in plan view? I don´t think the users have settings to control that, not in the project, and not in the family either. And, if we had the chance to do that, what for?

    If you are referring to the geometric and structural properties of a particular cross section of a column, there are some choices in the "Section shape" parameter of the family, for all the typical steel shapes, which will give you a set of parameters that you can fill in about that particular shape.

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