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Thread: Rebar familyt creation help

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    Rebar family creation help

    Hi, i'm new to Revit so i am not sure how to solve this problem.

    I am using the "Rebar shape template-EURO"

    I am trying to make a new Rebar family where i can change the lengths of the rebars and then load them into a new project. When i add the labels to the aligned dimensions i can't change the length of the rebars in the family type window.

    The shape status tells me that the "Parameters assigned to the dimensions has no value defined."

    Anyone know how to solved this?


    Rebar familyt creation help-rebar-family.png
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    If you click on the shape status does it give you any warnings? The other thing to consider is those labeled dimension must be selecting the rebar lines, this template is unlike other Revit families, as you draw rebar lines there will be references on the end of those lines, make sure these are what you are dimensioning to. I have seen an additional reference appear if my rebar lines are drawn the same length, try redrawing C at a different length than A

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