We recently start using Revit with civil 3D for our company. We design noise barriers alongside roads and railways.
First we create our elements, colums, foundation elements etc. in Revit using generic models (families). Then we export this to civil using dwg export or building site export. In civil 3D we import these element and place them alongside the 3D model of the road. Than we export this civil model to Revit.
The problem is, when we export our families to civil, we lose all our information (parameters, colours and materials etc.). I thought when I import the civil model with the elements into Revit, I can simply replace the elements with the correct Revit elements. Only Revit doesn't recognize these elements as families, but as imported symbols (dwg). Is there a possebility to change imported symbols to generic models?
If this isn't possible, is there another way to export our families without losing the information