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Thread: Curved and sloping foundation slab

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    Curved and sloping foundation slab

    I'm trying to create a foundation slab the that follows the horizontal curve and also the vertical alignment for a transporation project.
    When I create the slab to the horizontal curve and add a slope, I'm specifying the elevation at each end of the slope. I cannot get this slope to be distribute evenly along the slab. I.E in cross section, one side is slightly lower than other say 80mm over a slab of 500m.

    Has anybody done something like this before and offer some advice or help?
    I know making a structural floor would probably give me more flexibility but I would like to create the element as it would be constructed. I'm fairly new to Revit so any input would greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have done this in the past. Sometimes floors just won't work for some slopes, expecially curved situations. So what i have done, is create a Generic Family, that does exactly what I need, and make sure it is parameratized to Reference Planes so it can be flexed. Then I load it into the project, create an inplace Floor family and then load the Generic Family into that inplace family, Place it where I need. It will then be categrized in the project correctly.

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