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Thread: Help with Bolt Family Required

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    Help with Bolt Family Required


    So I have created a bolt family that works perfectly in the family creator - all of the types work as expected. However when I insert it into a project file it only lets me use the family type that was current when I imported it? When I go to change family type it says 'unable to create.....'

    At first I thought I was because the project units were rounded to 1mm so it wasn't able model the bolt correctly but then updated these to 3 decimal places and still no joy.

    Before you ask why I'm modelling bolts anyway this is for a Navisworks animation and not for use in a large project

    Any help would be appreciated as I thought I'd nailed this bolt and now I've hit a brick wall

    (bolt attached)
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    Try moving your constraint dimensions out of the extrusions and to reference planes. It looks like you are kinda making the family in the wrong order. Bones, Muscles, Geometry.... Steve Stafford has some very good blog posts about it here and here. Basically draw the reference planes, then constrain them with dimensions. Flex your bones (reference planes) with your muscles (dimensions) before assigning geometry to anything.
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    The parameters driving the geometry all seem to work for the different types you set up. Did you start with a face-based generic model template? Thats best for bolts as you will normally be placing them in a 3d view on a plate or steel member. Try rebuilding the family from that template with your parameters & planes outside the extrusions a suggested above, & lock the geometry to planes, not the ref level. Bolt length should be an instance parameter also. See the attached example of a very simple bolt family, that works in a similar way to yours, just without the chamfers and washer. Good luck!
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