So I've been working on this one family for a few days now. Started putting it into a specific Category so that graphics will be right and I notice something. And I can't figure out why.

Some categories pay attention to their host. That is they update to the host. Others don't, meaning that they stay at whatever value you set in family environment.

In the picture you have two extrusions. Both were constrained to the face of the host in the family environment. But when I switch it to "Structural Framing" the extrusion doesn't keep up with host anymore. Works fine (as far as I can tell) with Structural Columns, Generic Model, and Door categories.

Awareness of host - head scratcher-family-issues.png

I must have the tag rotatable (per CAD standards, don't start) so Structural Columns and Generic Model categories are out of the running. Any ideas?

And just to give you a run down, I started the family from Wall Hosted generic model template, then switched to the others. If it really came down to usage the family should be in the Structural Stiffener category but those don't show cut patterns in plan.