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Thread: tag for footing, pier and column in one line

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    tag for footing, pier and column in one line

    Hello All

    I have created some new tags for footings, piers and columns based upon a number. An example would be F1, P1, C1.

    I am kind of getting stumped, as I would like to have the tags be in one line and I was hoping if someone could guide me in the right direction.

    periodically we have projects that we will only have two or three footings, piers and column and rather than placing text I want to use a tag. The tags will then be called up on a schedule. I have generated the schedules and they are working correctly at the moment.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Do you want the tags to align or all of the information in one line in a single tag? I don't think you can do the latter. Reason being: A column, footing and pier are all separate objects and have different tag categories. You might be able to do it using a multi-category tag but it would take some gerrymandering to get the data to push through.

    If you just need them to align it's just one of those things... tags from different categories have iffy alignment properties and don't always snap to one-another.

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