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Thread: How to create fixed-length truss family?

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    Question How to create fixed-length truss family?

    Hi folks,

    I am facing a minor problem, tried to look it up in quite a few places but with no luck. Just FYI: I'm relatively new to Revit (not completely newbie tho), so I'd really appreciate a bit more detailed answer, thanks! Ok, here's the problem:

    In my project I have one big truss (76m) that consists of three different 4m long segments arranged in a random order (that is still quite likely to change). I thought the best approach would be to create three families of 4m trusses and then load them into the main project and arrange in a desired order. The thing I cannot figure out is how to 'fix' the truss length so it won't change when 'drawing it' in the main project - so at the end of the day I would end up with a truss of a fixed height and length just with the possibility of changing top, bottom chords & web sections. I have alignment constrains on 'truss length' & 'truss height' dimensions (see pic. below). I know I can manually type in the desired length and eight when creating it, but I was wondering if there is another way. Thanks for your help!

    How to create fixed-length truss family?-capture.jpg
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    I usually just create trusses like a generic model. Create the sketch in the front view and make sure its centered. They behave much better than the stock trusses.

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