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Thread: Structural Framing export to CNC

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    Structural Framing export to CNC

    Hi there.
    I want to cut at a CNC machine some parametric boxes from plywood.
    I need to have a family with the boxes and some version of it with different sizes (around 35).
    So I planned to have a family and make some sections views where I would isolate every piece of plywood and after that when I put all of them in a model I will make probably a script that will export every sections from the families in a dwg for CNC cutting.
    My problem is that I can not make an isolation of faces permanently. I was thinking about using Assembly views but it will be a little hard to create for 35 boxes.
    Structural Framing export to CNC-example.png
    Please let me know if you think is some other way i could do this.
    Thanks a lot!
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    Setting up Views for each "side" and using Element Hide isn't enough? Am I missing something? It seems that would work.

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