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Thread: Revit Family Modeling eBook

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    Revit Family Modeling eBook

    To my colleagues at this site, I am pleased to announce the release of my new eBook today:

    Creating Custom Revit Architecture 2012 Families
    A Practical Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Users

    You can download the PDF information containing the full table of contents, Foreword by Steve Stafford, and sample images from this link:

    For most of you Revit users, I believe this is the family book you've been waiting for. I don't think you'll find a Revit book that explains how things are really done in an actual work environment. This eBook addresses that shortcoming. If you've ever wondered how I created the families at my website, it's covered in this eBook. Techniques for creating simple to complex families are explained in-depth, including parameters, materials, tracing images, etc. The price of the eBook includes a free update to the 2013 version. The eBook is 751 pages long with 16 chapters and over 2000 images. You have nothing to lose by downloading the PDF above.

    Michael Anonuevo
    Certified Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional
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    Fantastic work!

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    I can't get to the link at work. IT has it blocked. But, it deserves some rep nonetheless. I'm sure it's well worth it. I'll be checking it out tonight at the house.

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    Well, I am up to about p250, so still going on the commands and the differences from the project environment. I find I am bookmarking all the time, as I often find something that I didn't know. Love those 'wow, that's how you do it' moments. I have always had niggly questions about the family editor, like why it has only a sparse materials list out of the box, but I am hoping to solve all those niggles in the next 500 pages!
    I had a silly problem during my download, (finger trouble my end during secure transactions) and Michael was on the case and quickly and efficiently solved it for me.
    So good on you mate, and hope it brings in some well earned biccies.
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