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Thread: Filled Region Error - "Cannot have overlapping lines" -not highlighting problem area

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    Filled Region Error - "Cannot have overlapping lines" -not highlighting problem area

    I have made a filled region with lots of enclosed areas. When I finish the sketch, I get the error message "cannot have overlapping lines" When I go to the error message on the bottom right of the screen, and expand to click on the error, it does not highlight the problem area as it usually does when you have an intersecting lines error. I can't find where it is which is problematic because it's a lot of areas, and I don't want to have to start over again. I deleted areas to see if they were the issue, but to on avail. Why isn't Revit showing me the problem areas when it is able to do so with other areas? extremely frustrating. Please help if you can. Thank you.

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    It's quirky...sometimes it does it nicely, sometimes not. You can expand the warning and make a note of the Element ID(s) and then use Select by ID to zero in on them.

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    Another method is to do right windows touching each section that on screen is obvious how many lines and then quickly looking at filter bottom right and checking the number showing. That lets you zero in on the area fairly quickly. I have often use this when picking imported lines of a complicated roof sheet panel profile for instance. Very easy to click twice.

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    You can always cut/paste the lines out of the filled regions and investigate later - so you dont waste your work.

    Also - when the error message appears it highlights the line that it is having a problem with. Ensure lineweights are on, and if not obvious I sometimes change the linestyle to be a nice thick one on screen, and then try again and hopefully you can see it?:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Method 1 is to use Tab to select a close loop of lines and HH to temporarily hide them, you will probably find the extra line sitting around.
    Method 2 is to select all the lines, you might be able to find those lines by the looking of the end points.
    I think it’s better to create them separately if possible.

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